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- About Us -

WAHS Auburn Hills is owned and operated by Avondale School District in Auburn Hills MI.

WAHS 89.5 went live in 1975 boasting 10 watts! Today Avondale Community Radio is the strongest high school signal at 2400 watts covering most of Oakland and Macomb counties in Southeast, Michigan.

Avondale High School students produce most of the content and run many of the day to day operations. WAHS features students in grades K-12 in our  Public Service Announcements and station liners. We welcome community involvement and ideas! Email us at

Currently the station offers an eclectic mix of music ranging from classic rock, Motown, indie, alternative, electronic, house, country, hip-hop, and more! Our community volunteers curate their own playlists.


We are always looking to showcase new or local artists. Share your original music and lyric sheets for consideration via google to

We depend on community support to keep our station current and as active as possible. If you would like to become an official sponsor please check out our sponsorship page!

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Volunteer for Your Own Radio Show!

Volunteers from the community are welcome to do their own radio show, podcast, and record voice-overs! We welcome community members from all areas. If you would like to be a volunteer at the radio station, contact Station Manager, Marty Shafer, at

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