WAHS Staff:2020-2021

Andrew Grieve

Andrew serves as the Music Director for 89.5 FM WAHS. His duties include charting music, communicating with local artists, and ensuring we have a healthy mix of music playing at all times. He also enjoys collecting video games throughout the years and capturing the nostalgia of our youth. If you want your music heard on air, send him a message at wahs.music@avondaleschools.org

Sherri Fuchinari

WAHS's queen of the Detroit and local music scene is Sheri Fuchinari. WAHS and Avondale High School class of 1987 alumni is passionate about music. you can find her in rocking in her own band, hanging out at her son's or daughter's shows, or promoting programs that support and inspire peoplpe to embrace music. Sheri's show, New Mucis of Older People has caught quite the fan following. Tune in to hear her live Monday 8-10pm and replays Friday 5-7pm and Sunday 10 -noon.

Kim McKnee

Kim (Mrs. McKnee) serves as our Station Advisor and teaches Introduction to Radio and Production here at Avondale High School. As our Advisor, Mrs. McKnee helps students find their talent and passion in media production so they can succeed in securing a career in broadcasting.

Paul Pozzo

DJ Paul is the brain child and host behind Let Them Eat Vinyl (LTEV) broadcasting Monday at 6pm, Friday 10pm and Sunday at noon. DJ Paul is an Avondale lifer starting at Stiles Elementary in 1975 and graduating from Avondale High School in 1988. He is also a graduate of Appalachian State University with a degree in Computer Information Systems. Day job is working as an IT Product Manager at one of the OEMs here in Detroit. Paul was also the guitarist for the infamous punk band the Skraps that played in the mid to late 80s in the Detroit area mainly at St. Andrews Halls, ISIS, Bookies, Blondies and Todds. Opening for such bands as GBH, the Exploited, Circle Jerks, Danzig, and DOA to name just a few.  His love of music started in the 70s listening to what is now classic rock with his brother Greg (class of 82) - artists such as Ted Nugent, AC/DC, Nazareth, Triumph, and of course Led Zeppelin made an early impact. His sister Karon (class of 78) influenced him by playing early 80s pop bands such as Flock of Seagulls, Duran Duran, and Ministry. 

Marty Shafer

Marty Shafer is the Station Manager for WAHS. His background includes teaching communication and media production for Oakland University and Macomb Community College. Outside of teaching and managing the station, he enjoys photography and producing video content at his home studio. If you are interested in sponsorships, promotions, events, or other services, contact him at wahs@avondaleschools.org. 

Andre Couwlier

Presenting WHAS 89.5’s very own Andre Couwlier. Andre Couwlier is a veteran of the WAHS staff returning for his third year of radio. Andre was part of the after school radio show “Radio Rejects” all about the pop punk hits of the 90’s and 2000’s. He also hops on from time to time after school as a solo show where he shares all the new music hes found that week.  Andre can't wait for another amazing year as part of the 89.5 WAHS staff!

Mason Finch

Well I'd like to say I'm the type of person to like long walks on the beach, sunsets and going out for coffee, but I'm not that type of person. My family calls me a homebody and I've always been the type of person to stay at home and play an instrument or play on my computer. You should try it some time (just kidding). I'm actually a big fan of most music types, metal, pop, rock and roll, just not jazz. Most of all, currently I'm into softer music like piano covers and stuff that sounds pleasant to the ears. My all time favorite song currently, and probably ever is slow dancing in the dark by joji. Radio has been the best experience, i love the people I work alongside, and my teachers are the best teachers in this school. Should you catch some amazing toons on WAHS 89.5? I don't know, you should come and find out for yourself.

Rachel Fulton

Rachel Fulton is in her fourth year of radio. She quickly became hooked with the station when she was interviewed for the varsity swim team as a freshman. After she graduates in the spring, Rachel hopes to make a career out of broadcasting and journalism. She spends a lot of her time in the station either doing interviews or prepping for remote events. Dedicated to all the experiences in broadcasting, she does it all from PA announcements to remote broadcasts and assisting events. Outside of the station, Rachel is a member of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters(MAB) as a student committee member and also is a part of the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association(MIPA) which is run through Michigan State where she took in depth classes all about podcasting. She is a leader and loves working with the equipment and mentors others in show production. Her favorite music block is The Mix so she can dance to all of her favorite pop singers!  

Sarah Isaacs

Sarah Isaacs is a DJ at WAHS, she is into hip hop and R&B. She is quiet but has a loud and active personality. One of her favorite shows to do is “The Xander & Sarah Surprise Show”. Sarah is really good at making editing audio. She plans on majoring in Psychology 

Hannah May (AKA Hurricane Hannah)

Hannah is a staff member here at WAHS and this is her third year of radio production. Hannah’s love for radio began when she was an intro student and she realized she liked putting herself and her personality out there. She has done various liners, promos, spots, and is a member of The Breakfast Club. Hannah seems to be a little wacky, but once you get to know her, she’s actually a really nice person to hang around. Hannah likes to find weird things and read about them. Hannah typically likes to share these weird things on The Breakfast Club. She also likes dogs, Doctor who, reading, music, and reading about the history of makeup and fashion. This year she wants to start a podcast on the history of fashion and makeup. 

Xander Patanella

 Xander is a DJ and producer of some of your favorite shows such as “Surprise Sarah and Xander Show”, and many more. He likes hip hop and Lofi. He spends his time outside of radio at Band or Theatre. When he grows up he wants to be involved in computer technology.

Logan Pizzurro

Logan is in his 3rd year of radio and is one of the Student Station Directors.  This year, his goal for the station is to try to expose more people to the station.  As a bit of a side goal, he wants to expose younger audiences to his favorite genre, Classic Rock.  Whether it be the Eagles, the Violent Femmes, or even the Monkees, you can hear these bands and more on his most celebrated music block, Rock and Roll High School. You can often hear him live on Fridays at 2:45 recruiting friends as co-hosts on the Radio Club Show.   He has also taken a special interest in keeping the technology of the station up to date. And as always, remember, “Don’t let your dreams fly too far away from you.”

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