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Q:  Where can I find your music playlists?

A:  You can find our music logs at  The playlists are uploaded at midnight the next day.

Q:  How can I contact you?

A:  There are multiple ways to contact us. One is through our email,  Another is though Facebook, WAHS 89.5.  Those are the best ways to contact us.  We also have a Twitter (@WAHS_Radio) and an Instagram (wahs89.5) where you can message us.

Q:  Does the station have a phone number?

A:  Yes!  Our phone number is 248-537-6111.  Our phone is not open 24/7!

Q:  I'm a local artist.  Can I submit my music?

A:  You can!  We are always looking for local music.  We have featured artists in the past like ATMIG, Siren, The Sights, and the Scrappers.  You can submit your music to our email.  Please be sure that you attach the song and a copy of the lyrics.  Then your song will be reviewed by the WAHS Staff.  If your song is clean, it will be accepted.  Please allow up to 7-10 business days for a response.

For any other questions, email us at

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